Atlante - location scouting for a documentary film, the new workshop by ZimmerFrei, will be held in Bologna, Italy, from 6th March to 13th April.

The workshop is free, addressed to a maximun of 15 young people, aged between 16 and 20, will run for a total of 8 dates, 30 hours in total.
Location scouting is a pre-production process of filmmaking and concerns the search for a suitable place or "location" for shooting. It includes activities like observation of places in the city, writing reports, photo taking, sound recording, film documentation, archive research.

In the workshop, every chosen place will be combined with a personal story: things that happened and things that could have happened there, details, people, memories, private passages. Urban territory becomes a map of special places, a weaving of places marked by ordinary and memorable events, spatial nodes that open up to possibilities.
The workshop is a preliminary stage for the production of “Saga”, a documentary film by ZimmerFrei dedicated to the new geography and the new inhabitants of the city of Bologna.

Atlante will be conducted by Anna de Manincor, filmmaker, and Massimo Carozzi, sound designer.
Meeting point:  Arena del Sole theatre, 8 San Giuseppe, Bologna.



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