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Atlas of Transitions promotes cross-cultural dialogue between European citizens and newcomers – migrants, refugees, asylum seekers – by bringing local communities closer together through culture and performing arts. The project looks at the potentialities arising from the contemporary migration phenomenon and seeks new ways of experiencing public space and cohabitation through art. Its aim is to counter radicalism and anxiety towards migration within society by developing strategies of co-creation and interaction between citizens and migrants, with the participation of people with diverse cultural backgrounds in traditional as well as non-conventional public spaces such as squares, neighbourhoods, and suburbs. Furthermore, together with national and local theatres and associations and artists from Europe and abroad, Atlas of Transitions supports academic research to promote strategies of emancipation and participatory knowledge and practice by involving universities and scholars from its seven partner countries: Italy, Albania, Belgium, Poland, France, Greece, and Sweden.

With the aim to exchange and disseminate knowledge about the function of the arts, and theatre in particular, in migrant inclusion-related processes, we are interested in investigating the different approaches proposed by both scholars and practitioners. The themes of analysis that we would like to explore are, although not limited to, those suggested below:

- Artistic performance – e.g. body techniques and perception of space for artists with different cultural backgrounds;
- Working practices in multicultural productions – e.g. solidarity within diverse societal contexts;
- Theatre and theatrical activity as metaphors for daily life in different frameworks and societies;
- Theatre for development and social change – e.g. social drama, community empowerment, promotion of human rights;
- Collective productions as expressions of cultural heritage and community memory;
- Music theatre and dance as links between different cultural identities;
- Audience reception of creative multicultural productions.

We invite proposals for and submission of 1,000 word essays, accompanied by 1-2 pictures
representing artistic activities and/or artefacts, to be published on both the websites of Atlas of Transitions and Open Migration. Please, send your contents to Pierluigi Musarò (pierluigi.musaro@unibo.it), Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Bologna, and Francesca Di Renzo, PhD, website editor of Atlas of Transitions (francesca@atlasoftransitions.eu).

Events like this
Cantieri Meticci’s philosophy and methodology for the integration of migrants and newcomers within local communities through artistic performance is at the core of the Atlas of Transitions project. Pierluigi Musarò's research investigates the work of Cantieri Meticci as a case study and findings have been discussed at LSE, London.
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Creative activities such as collective workshops and performances are currently running across Poland, Italy, and Belgium, partner countries of Atlas of Transitions. Visit the 'Activities' section to read more about each project.
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The web based multi-ethnic roster, Soundroutes Booking Agency, gives visibility to refugees and migrant musicians. The initiative, which promotes migrant performance in theaters, festivals, concert halls and music programmes, is financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission in the framework of the 'Creative Europe programme'.
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Atlas of Transitions is interested in sharing information about the international projects that support creative and collaborative methods for the integration of migrants within local communities. migART is an open-access repository that we are glad to present here.
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