Ce jour là - That Day

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Le Channel Scène Nationale
  invites the general public to participate in 'Ce Jour-là (That Day)', an artistic proposal that will unfold in the month of May 2019 during the event 'La saveur de l’autre (A Taste of the Other)' 24th, 25th, 26th May at Le Channel in Calais.  This proposal is to be built around the multitude of sensibilities and perspectives of all those who wish to express themselves through the written word. We shall conceive a theatrical and visual piece capable of rendering the diversity of the voices and languages that reach us, in collaboration with two project partners, Cantieri Meticci and Motus Terrae.

To express what exactly?

We invite you to reflect upon the brightness of the present day, what makes up each hour picked carefully from the continuous ebb and flow of time, across contexts. We urge you to gather these moments, big and small, to identify those that are part of your everyday life as well as those that are eventful, chronicling your day much like a in calendar. Ask yourself, what makes my heart beat? What attracts my attention here and all around? What do I see beyond the horizon? What day is it? What will remain of this moment? Of the era that we’re living in? What will be my final thought before tomorrow? What will I ultimately choose to say or to write? By hand, through your pulse, with love, with rage, with hope, with audacity… sifting through the hours of the day to set forth that which affects you, touches you, calls out to you and is meaningful to you.

7:02 am, I wake up
8:19 am, a walk on the pier
11:00 am, a far-right candidate is
to be elected the president of Brazil
12:30 pm, an herb omelette
1:30 pm, an appointment with
my therapist
2:30 pm, I’m still claustrophobic
3:30 pm, skimming through
the latest IPCC report
4:05 pm, fifteen droplets of vitamin
with grapefruit seed extract
6:59 pm, a leap of faith
8:45 pm, couch, cushion, book:
The Mushroom at the End of
the World by Anna L. Tsing
10:10 pm, TV, pyjamas

Nedjma, 28 years
13 October 2018, Calais (France)

We hope that you will join us for this writing activity, bringing together stories big and small, all equally meaningful and spanning a whole spectrum of time. All of your letters will be reproduced during A taste of the other with the active participation of the locals of Calais and others.

For you to write to us, here are some guidelines :
- Your text must be punctuated by the time of day, as in the previous example.
- Do not exceed 1500 characters (including spaces)
- State your first name, your age, the date, your city and country of residence
- Send us your letter by 17th may 2019 with the subject line «Ce jour-là».

Postal address: Le Channel, scène nationale, CS 70077, 62102 Calais cedex
Email: lettre@lechannel.org

You may also send your letter(s) to
Motus Terrae, Αλόπης 58, 11853, Αθήνα

Cantieri Meticci

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