#5 Gothenburg: Edge or Border?

Friendly, vibrant, segregated, a place of contradictions, opportunities and transforming industries… there are many different words to describe Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. In May 2019, actively involved in young communities, Backa Teater organized a series of events and performances under the title “A Changed Europe”. Spyros Andreopoulos shares with us echoes and visions of his experience there. 

Upon arrival at the airport, a group of migrants escorted by police officers, is queuing for passport control. This arrestive image will trigger thoughts on borders, control and human contact, which will accompany him during his visit – opening a new perspective on current social issues. Follow his journey while he discovers Backa Teater’s artistic work and geopolitical beliefs, along with guest artists’ experiences, keeping one foot on each side of the Göta River.

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The blue and yellow of the Swedish flag are in the picture. A blue sky covers the multi-coloured city. This was my first impression even before landing at the airport. Green everywhere, around and inside the city. And then more colours, the sea, the buildings..It took me a while to understand what’s making me feel strange here, in a way I cannot yet explain with certainty.
Maybe this is what Ali describes, while talking about his experience with Backa Teater and his life in Sweden, by saying that “there is a system here that works well, but as in every system always something goes wrong”.... Who failed after all?
Discover a gallery of pictures where theatre and city spaces meet.