#6 Calais: A Tale of Two Cities in One

Calais is generally known as the city of uncertainties, where thousands of migrants rely on charity to survive since many years. In May 2019, Le Channel organised “A Taste of Other”, a weekend of multidisciplinary events to look beyond the European borders and promote cultural solidarity between communities. In this issue, Spyros Andreopoulos explores other aspects of the French port city, revealing a truthful picture lying underneath the layer of common imaginaries.

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Underneath this veil of normality, the town is hiding its past of agony and a boiling present. Calais has always been known as the connecting point between France and the United Kingdom. But in the recent history, it has been mostly identified throughout the world as a place of great concentration of refugees.
Time is flying as our days are full of meetings, new people and unique experiences. On the first workshop, we welcome our young participants, students of Collège République and an amazing journey starts, short but intense, where along with the youngsters we start exploring everybody’s daily routines, realizing how similar or different our realities are.
Actually, Le Channel is proposition in itself. A social, political and artistic initiative through which all the manifestations, no matter their form, are in the service of creating a common ground, open to everyone, regardless their origin, religion or financial status. One of mutual respect and solidarity, where no one is excluded.
Discover a gallery of pictures of the city's different pathways.