Bologna, Italy

Cantieri Meticci is a non-profit cultural organization working in the Bologna territory, and its group of work is made of professional and non-professional actors, Italians and refugees. Since the beginning of its activities, Cantieri Meticci has investigated the concept of migration through artistic knowledge and experience. Every year, it produces and performs a variety of multidisciplinary shows, bringing actors and migrants to prestigious national and international venues such as the Akademie der Kunste in Berlin and Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw.

Cantieri Meticci collaborates with theatres, public administrations, schools, shelters for refugees, and NGOs in Italy and abroad, regularly. It combines art with social engagement through activities such as cross-cultural workshops and training programs for teachers working in multicultural contexts in order to encourage people’s participation in cultural and social debate. In February 2017, the MET (Meticceria Extrartistica Trasversale), as a versatile artistic centre, has become this organisation’s new headquarter, with a theatre (90 seats), a rehearsal studio, and a RistoryArte, where people can stay together and eat on interactive tables equipped with digital screens.

Cantieri Meticci