Poetry slam
- Castaways
on an island

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Poetry slam is 'a skill with many souls', says Nicolò Gugliuzza. It is like 'an island where different castaways have managed to get to', 'a performance with several features' in which gestures, words, silence, imagination, your whole body - all these parts of a (poetry) slammer - become essential to speak up your own poetry.

Nicolò Gugliuzza hold a degree in Anthropology. His interests and curiosity revolve around poetry's oral tradition and visuality. As a founder of the artistic collective ZooPalco (link in Italian), since 2016 Nicolò has been teaching oral poetry in schools and in the youth detention center in Bologna. He also collaborates with the literary magazine Neutopia (link in Italian).

From March to May 2018, the 'poetry slam' workshop will run one weekend per month at Arena del Sole theatre, Bologna - up to 16th June, when the participants will performe their poetry in a contest during the first Atlas of Transitions international festival, 15th-24th June, Bologna, Italy.




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