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migART is an open-access repository for research, activist, and teaching projects deploying creative and collaborative methods to serve migrant communities. It sets out to yield a better understanding of migration and communicate research findings in accessible and, when possible, interactive ways. migART aims to help build a community of researchers, activists, and educators who use cutting-edge methods to foster the production and dissemination of situated and diverse knowledges in migration research. The methods and approaches used in the research projects, social initiatives, and syllabi featured on migART range from participatory theatre, digital storytelling, drawing, photography, psychogeography, sonic walks, quilt making, and many more.

The website is organised into three sections – ActivismResearchTeaching – devoted to ongoing and past projects that employ creative and collaborative methods. The section People lists academics, activists, and educators whose projects are showcased on migART. The News section will be regularly updated to include information about upcoming workshops, conferences, exhibits, grant opportunities, as well as new publications and university courses.

Anyone interested in having their project, seminar or initiative showcased on migART,
should get in touch with the project coordinators via the Contact section and follow migART on twitter.

Events like this
Cantieri Meticci’s philosophy and methodology for the integration of migrants and newcomers within local communities through artistic performance is at the core of the Atlas of Transitions project. Pierluigi Musarò's research investigates the work of Cantieri Meticci as a case study and findings have been discussed at LSE, London.
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---CALL FOR PAPERS--- We invite scholars, experts and practitioners in integration processes and arts to submit 1,000 word essays, accompanied by 1-2 pictures representing artistic activities and/or artefacts, to be published on Atlas of Transitions' and Open Migration's websites.
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The web based multi-ethnic roster, Soundroutes Booking Agency, gives visibility to refugees and migrant musicians. The initiative, which promotes migrant performance in theaters, festivals, concert halls and music programmes, is financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission in the framework of the 'Creative Europe programme'.
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The project 'Atlas of Transitions' will be presented to scholars and researchers during the conference 'Theatre Between Politics and Policies: New Challenges', 23-24 March, Belgrade, Serbia. Case study in Pierluigi Musarò's and Melissa Moralli's presentation will be the participatory theatre performed by Cantieri Meticci.
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