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migART is an open-access repository for research, activist, and teaching projects deploying creative and collaborative methods to serve migrant communities. It sets out to yield a better understanding of migration and communicate research findings in accessible and, when possible, interactive ways. migART aims to help build a community of researchers, activists, and educators who use cutting-edge methods to foster the production and dissemination of situated and diverse knowledges in migration research. The methods and approaches used in the research projects, social initiatives, and syllabi featured on migART range from participatory theatre, digital storytelling, drawing, photography, psychogeography, sonic walks, quilt making, and many more.

The website is organised into three sections – ActivismResearchTeaching – devoted to ongoing and past projects that employ creative and collaborative methods. The section People lists academics, activists, and educators whose projects are showcased on migART. The News section will be regularly updated to include information about upcoming workshops, conferences, exhibits, grant opportunities, as well as new publications and university courses.

Anyone interested in having their project, seminar or initiative showcased on migART,
should get in touch with the project coordinators via the Contact section and follow migART on twitter.

Events like this
What is the role of performing arts in challenging the dominant narratives and imaginary on migration? And, specifically, how can performing arts support diversity in European cities? Through different research and curatorial experiences lead along Atlas of Transitions project, the volume offers new insights on the ways in which artistic practices build spaces of resistance, forms of subversion, and counter-hegemonic discourses on migration.
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Which relations and practices can be interwoven between the artistic field and academic research? How they mutually nurture themselves? Our French partner, Le Channel Scène National De Calais, in collaboration with the University of Lille, has tried to answer some of these questions. The results are collected in the new issued paperwork - Porositès - which investigates concept as caring, shelter, exile, and borders. Check it out!
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The docu-Film Monuments of Conflict & Convergence by Motus Terrae, has just been released. Discover more about Lavrio city identity, its history and people migration stories. Watch it here or visit Atlas of Transitions' YouTube channel.
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Our project partner from Greece, Motus Terrae, never stops, even under recurrent lockdowns and the continuous restrictions of the last period. They are preparing a short film through which the viewers will get to know the concept and the creative process and meet the local people involved in what could have been a site-specific creation. Stay tuned to discover this amazing journey!
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