New Geographies for a Cross-Cultural Europe

A three-year international project exploring intercultural exchange between European citizens and newcomers through performing arts, creative processes, and collaborative research study


Call for applications for 'Speaking from Damascus' , a 5-days drama masterclass conducted by Nanda Mohammad. How can an European actor inhabit the speech of another one who is living in Damascus? Syrian actress Nanda Mohammad will conduct a masterclass addressed to eight actors and performers that focuses on voice, the sound of language and the expression of affection.
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-- CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR ACADEMICS AND ARTISTS -- in the frame of the International Conference "A World in Transition: In-Between Performative Arts and Migrations" to be held on 7th March 2019, during the Atlas of Transitions Biennale in Bologna.
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From 24th-30th October, more than 100 authors, artists, intellectuals and citizens will take the stages of 9 Italian cities during crowd-funding events to support the Italian-flagged 'Mare Jonio' rescue vessel. In Bologna, Arena del Sole Theatre will host a collective reading on October 25th.
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This autumn marks the 20th edition of Skampa International Theatre Festival (17th October-22nd October 2018), organized this year in the frame of Atlas of Transitions by A.T.K (Albanian Theatre Association) in partnership with Tjeter Vizion NGO, with the support of the Municipality of Elbasan and the Ministry of Culture.
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Atlas Voices #3 - Lampedusa's Psychogeographies

During a visit to Loran - a former NATO base on the island of Lampedusa - Academy of Finland Fellow Dr. Karina Horsti interrogates herself on the experience of spaces through racialized politics of exploration. The abandoned two-story ex-military base speaks to the merger of humanitarian and securitized rationales in the border regime. What would such places mean for future generations of Europeans seeking their pasts?
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Performing metaphors into a physical space

In this article published by Media@LSE Pierluigi Musarò explores how the theatrical metaphor of cosmopolitan solidarity is challenged by the physical proximity of the ‘other’. It specifically analyzes how Cantieri Meticci use participatory theatre to resist, rework, or disrupt the lines between possible and ‘impossible citizens’...
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Atlas Voices #2 - Ruhrorter Refugee Theatre

Ruhrorter, a Refugee Theatre in Germany: Artistic Reflection on Otherness' is the contribution submitted by Özlem Canyürek, a PhD candidate at Hildesheim University, Department of Cultural Policy in Germany. She examines the intercultural opening of the German theatre landscape. 
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Intercultural theatre at the library

Situated in the Navile district of Bologna, the 'Casa di Khaoula Library', is the first venue reactivated this year with an inaugural meeting of the Cantieri Meticci 'eMerging Theatre Companies', during which the discussion about the major themes of interest - introduced before the summer break -  is being continued.
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Next events

Mar 13 2019 to Mar 15 2019

'Out of Darkness', image and sound performance

In parallel to conducting educational theatre workshops with students and migrants in various secondary schools in Liège,  Théâtre de Liège is getting everything set for the public presentation of  'Out of Darkness', designed by filmmaker Mary Jiménez and Bénédicte Liénard, that will be held on 13, 14, 15th March 2019.
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Mar 01 2019 to May 04 2019

Hierarchy of Needs

'Hierarchy of Needs' is the new theatrical performance produced by Backa Teater in collaboration with urban dance company Twisted Feet Company in the frame of Atlas of Transitions.
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Mar 01 2019 to Mar 10 2019

Atlas of Transitions Biennial | HOME

What is the relationship between art and activism? How can cultural and gender gaps be reduced through the arts? In March 2019, international festival Atlas of Transitions Biennial, returns to Bologna with HOME, including a selection of works by female artists coming from Mali, Syria, Palestine, Rwanda, Estonia, some of which will present their works for the first time in Italy. HOME is a space for dialogue between cultures, featuring performances, workshops, concerts, seminars, djset...
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