New Geographies for a Cross-Cultural Europe

A three-year international project exploring intercultural exchange between European citizens and newcomers through performing arts, creative processes, and collaborative research study


-- CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR ACADEMICS AND ARTISTS -- in the frame of the International Conference "A World in Transition: In-Between Performative Arts and Migrations" to be held on 7th March 2019, during the Atlas of Transitions Biennale in Bologna.
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From 24th-30th October, more than 100 authors, artists, intellectuals and citizens will take the stages of 9 Italian cities during crowd-funding events to support the Italian-flagged 'Mare Jonio' rescue vessel. In Bologna, Arena del Sole Theatre will host a collective reading on October 25th.
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This autumn marks the 20th edition of Skampa International Theatre Festival (17th October-22nd October 2018), organized this year in the frame of Atlas of Transitions by A.T.K (Albanian Theatre Association) in partnership with Tjeter Vizion NGO, with the support of the Municipality of Elbasan and the Ministry of Culture.
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Four of the videos recorded during the workshop ‘Atlante - location scouting for a documentary film’, by ZimmerFrei, have just been released. Watch them here or visit Atlas of Transitions' YouTube webpage.
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Atlas Voices #1 - Humanizing Visualizations

Following the call for papers announced last spring, Atlas of Transitions presents “Humanizing Refugee Information Visualizations”, a work submitted by Maria Assami from Boston. This paper develops a new approach to humanitarian communication by putting the focus on Syrian refugees' points of view, in order to reframe the issues of conflict and reducing the struggles linked to their resettlement.
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Motus Terrae in Lavrion

In Greece, the co-existence of diverse social groups and stories shapes the multicultural town of Lavrion. Here, Motus Terrae has settled its field of action, since the place has an immense historical and cultural significance.
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Confrontations with reality

In this interview as well as in the show she directed, 'Lawrence of Arabia', Weronika Szczawinska talks about identity issues, cultural misunderstandings and the current situation of migrants and refugees in Poland to face the way 'the other’ is portrayed in theatre.
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Poetry on the move

The interview with the slammer Nicolò Gugliuzza here explores how poetry slam can take part in the inclusion process of migrants and asylum seekers and highlights how different languages within a common creative environment can actually help people meet and understand each other (here, 'STepping into tomorrow' by Nicolò Gugliuzza).
Languages available:
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Next events

May 24 2018 to Sep 26 2019

Delightful dance at school

Backa Theater and Twisted Feet have recently started a series of workshops with young people and amateurs to reflect on encounters, courage and hope within the current migration-related context - through dance. Directed by the artistic director Mattias Andersson, the show will be premiered in Gothenburg in February 2019.
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