New Geographies for a Cross-Cultural Europe

A three-year international project exploring intercultural exchange between European citizens and newcomers through performing arts, creative processes, and collaborative research study


Cantieri Meticci’s philosophy and methodology for the integration of migrants and newcomers within local communities through artistic performance is at the core of the Atlas of Transitions project. Pierluigi Musarò's research investigates the work of Cantieri Meticci as a case study and findings have been discussed at LSE, London.
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Creative activities such as collective workshops and performances are currently running across Poland, Italy, and Belgium, partner countries of Atlas of Transitions. Visit the 'Activities' section to read more about each project.
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---CALL FOR PAPERS--- We invite scholars, experts and practitioners in integration processes and arts to submit 1,000 word essays, accompanied by 1-2 pictures representing artistic activities and/or artefacts, to be published on Atlas of Transitions' and Open Migration's websites.
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The web based multi-ethnic roster, Soundroutes Booking Agency, gives visibility to refugees and migrant musicians. The initiative, which promotes migrant performance in theaters, festivals, concert halls and music programmes, is financed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission in the framework of the 'Creative Europe programme'.
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Theatre and ‘politicality’: Reflections

The International Conference “Theatre Between Politics and Policies: New Challenges”, which took place in Belgrade between 23rd and 25th March 2018, highlighted the multidimensional role of theatre within society. Our researchers were there.
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The Sound
of ZimmerFrei

About urban myths, the sound as a creative representation, and the desire to understand each other. An interview with ZimmerFrei.
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Talking about "Les Sans"

Interview with Pierre Etienne, a well-known artist and cultural animator in Liège, who came to present to the students taking part in the Atlas of Transitions workshops a show entitled “Les Sans” at Théâtre de Liège.
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The WALL book

Walls are ambivalent objects: they protect, divide, defend, and separate. From 'The WALL book', con-fine edizioni
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Next events

Apr 07 2018 to Jun 24 2018

'100 pas presque' in Bologna

'100 passi quasi' by Taoufiq Izeddiou and Said Ait El Moumen is the free workshop preparing professional and non-professional dancers for the performance that will be presented to the public on 23rd and 24th June in Bologna, during the first international festival of Atlas of Transitions.
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Jan 30 2018 to May 17 2018

Getting out of the darkness

'Getting out of the darkness' is the educational project for students organised by Théâtre de Liège - it is based on the work of the filmmakers Bénédicte Liénard and Mary Jimenez, with the support of Pierre Etienne, trainer and artist.
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Nov 06 2017 to May 13 2018

Theatres in the Neighbourhood

During the first months of the Atlas of Transitions project, Cantieri Meticci has been holding theatrical and artistic workshops thanks to its neighbourhood companies - Compagnie Meticce di Quartiere - in crucial areas of the suburbs of Bologna, in particular at Croce del Biacco, San Donato and Navile.
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