New Geographies for a Cross-Cultural Europe

A three-year international project exploring intercultural exchange between European citizens and newcomers through performing arts, creative processes, and collaborative research study


What to see and where to meet in May? Explore a busy month schedule ahead for Atlas of Transitions and its partners around European cities, from South to North. Two multidisciplinary festivals, final workshop presentations, participation at the Sabir festival of mediterranean cultures in Lecce...
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Melissa Moralli, researcher for Atlas of Transitions, is now doing a period of visiting scholarship at the Institute of Public Knowledge of New York University, where she presented the project on May 1st. During her visit, she is attending different seminars and events on topics such as International migration, borders, political role of arts, cultural diversity.
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Invitation to participate in 'Ce Jour-là (That Day)', an artistic proposal in collaboration with Cantieri Meticci and Motus Terrae that will unfold in May 2019 during the event 'La saveur de l’autre (A Taste of the Other)' at le Channel Scène Nationale in Calais.  This theatrical and visual piece is to be built around the multitude of sensibilities and perspectives of all those who wish to express themselves through the written word.
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Bologna's international arts festival Atlas of Transitions Biennial | HOME (1-10th March) opens today with the participation of cuban artist and activist Tania Bruguera, who will present her special artistic projects realised in this occasion: the interactive urban performance 'Referendum' and 'School of Integration', a series of 10 lessons conducted by members of community of foreigners living in Bologna.
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Reframing Migration: book launch and exhibition

In the introduction of her book, Federica Mazzara underlines the importance of arts in challenging contemporary narratives about migration, de-constructing a visibility often based on the rhetoric of the emergency and the invasion and re-constructing alternative imaginaries through aesthetic interventions.
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Sortir du Noir: Who will remember them?

These men and women (...) abandoned to the sea and the riverbeds, washed up on shores, trapped between walls and barbed-wire, hit by trucks, electrocuted between the wagons of the trains... who will remember them? Find out more about 'Sortir du Noir', an image and sound performance created by Mary Jimenez and Bénédicte Liénard...
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Atlas Voices #4 - Performance as a space to voice a silent migration

Visual artist and director Alessio Mazzaro tells about his artistic practices and the performance "Mellah", a project created during a residency at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. A symbolic, intimate and common space where the private memory of Moroccan Jews who emigrated to Paris was activated and shared in collective live archive. Do you remember the Mellah? Why did you leave Morocco? Why did you come to France?
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Adel Darwish on Hierarchy of Needs

Adel Darwish, playwright and actor in Backa Teater's new production 'Hierarchy of Needs' shares his thoughts on the performance and the theory on the Hierarchy of needs.
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Next events

May 24 2019 to May 26 2019

A Taste of the Other

From 24th to 26th May 2019, the event will mobilise the full potential of Le Channel's spaces through the specific activities organized within its framework: meetings, shows, concerts, exhibitions, cooking suggestions and workshops. This year's challenge is to look beyond the borders and European cultures to experience a cosmopolitan reunion, to think freely and understand the phenomena behind migration.
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May 09 2019 to May 22 2019

A Changed Europe

In May 2019, Backa Teater is organising a series of talks, concerts, workshops and guest performances in Gothenburg with the participation of international theatre companies, students, artists, researchers and scholars. Can participatory practices contribute to the promotion of multicultural dialogue? How did the cultural map of Europe change in the last few years? These are only some of the central questions on Backa Teater's agenda...
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May 24 2018 to Sep 26 2019

Delightful dance at school

Backa Theater and Twisted Feet have recently started a series of workshops with young people and amateurs to reflect on encounters, courage and hope within the current migration-related context - through dance. Directed by the artistic director Mattias Andersson, the show will be premiered in Gothenburg in February 2019.
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