New Geographies for a Cross-Cultural Europe

A three-year international project exploring intercultural exchange between European citizens and newcomers through performing arts, creative processes, and collaborative research study


Something great is coming up in December 2020 at Bologna! The fourth and last edition of Atlas Of Transitions Biennale - We The People comes finally to life and will focus on the urgency of setting up a politics of listening, based on the right of all to be heard.
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Which are the key factors of the Audience development? A process, able to enlarge and diversify the public, producing an improvement of the conditions of fruition. Martina Tani has explored the meaning of “active audience” through the analysis of the festivals Right to the City (2018) and Home (2019), organized in Bologna.
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From June 16th to 20th 2020, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Sociology and Business Law Department of the University of Bologna and Cantieri Meticci promote Performing Resistance. A series of online talks, lectures and meetings feautring scholars, curators and international artists aimed at exploring the relationship between arts, migrations and citizenship. Find out how to participate!
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Imagine your vocal expression as a form of tuning into the initial notes of MAGNITUDO. The mosaic of moods, affections, emotional states translated into sound, an acoustic image capable of including everyone's voices. We are looking for you artistic act of resistance. Find out how to join us!
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Performing Resistance | Dialogues on Arts, Migration, Inclusive cities

From June 16th to 20th 2020, Performing Resistance, a series of online talks, lectures and meetings featuring scholars, curators and international artists aimed at exploring the relationship between arts, migrations and citizenship, has virtually taken place. If you missed some live sessions, here all the lecture recordings are at your free and complete disposal. Check it out!
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Transforming places into narratives

Film director Anna de Manincor talks about ZimmerFrei's work during the last phase of the storytelling workshops and production of the "Saga" documentary film series to be released in June 2020.
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Women poetry: revealing unspoken struggles

Antonella Sinopoli and Gabriele Lippi talked to Ugandan spoken word poet Carolyne Afroetry about the creative process behind her work and the condition of women in Uganda.
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The state of weightlessness of migrant caregivers in Italy

The suspended world of Samantha Cristoforetti and the burden to bear of an elderly care giver, far away from her home country. Weight and the absence of gravity, the two faces of the same coin that Estonian artist Kristina Norman is trying to fathom with her new docu-performance 'Lighter Than Woman', presented for the first time in July 2019 at Santarcangelo Festival. What follows from talking about feminine emancipation in Italy? And how do “badanti” - socially invisible figures – appear in an Italian contest?
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