Artists involved

Here, the names of the artists contributing to the creative activities and productions developed for Atlas of Transitions
in the seven countries involved in the project.
The list will be updated throughout time and up to August 2020.



Ait El Moumen, Said – dancer and choreographer
'100 pas presque' in Bologna

Andersson, Mattias – artistic director
Delightful dance at school



Cantieri Meticci – non-profit cultural organisation
Autostrada del Sud, in car
Neighbourhoods in motion
Theatres in the neighbourhoods
Intercultural theatre at the library

Carboni, Alessandrointerdisciplinary artist and researcher
Carboni on the street
Focus, Measuring urban space



Filipi, Adonis – theatrical director
We are all sunflowers
Skampa International Theatre Festival - the 20th edition

Filipi, Geris – film director
Documenting contemporary Albania



Garbaczewski, Krzysztof – theatrical director
A new territory at Teatr Powszechny

Ghorbani, Kimia singer and percussionist
A Persian way to soul

Gugliuzza, Nicolò – slammer and visual poet
Interview, Poetry on the move
Poetry slam, castaways on an island



Hultén, Denny – artistic director and dancer
Delightful dance at school



Izeddiou, Taoufiq – dancer and choreographer
Interview, Taoufiq Izeddiou's contemporary dance
'100 pas presque': a reportage
Focus, Walking reappropriation



Jimenez, Mary – filmmaker
Getting out of the Darkness



Les petites boîtesmultidisciplinary artistic company
Z'Oiseaux in Calais

Liénard, Bénédicte – filmmaker
Getting out of the Darkness



Medda, Valentina – artist and educator
Cities by night_Bologna

Mohammad, Nanda - actress
'Speaking from Damacus' Call for Applications

Momette – plastic artist
The Great Hands Collection

Mussie, Munaartist and performer
Sewing memories: punctuation
Focus, Sewing simplicity



Pierre Etienne – artist and trainer
Interview, Talking about 'Les Sans'
Getting out of the darkness



Raimondo, Annasound artist
Interview, Anna Raimondo and the radio creatures



Strasse artists
EXIL #17/ Terra rossa

Strefa WolnoSłowa theatrical and cultural organisation
'The animals', according to Strefa WolnoSłowa

Szczawińska, Weronika – theatrical director
Lawrence of Arabia



Talking Hands – artistic collective
Con le mani mi racconto

Twisted Feet – dance company
Delightful dance at school



Zimmerfrei  artists
Interview, The sound of Zimmerfrei
External Memory / Memoria Esterna
Atlante, 'Saga' - Act II
Fragments of Atlante