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A.T.K. – Albanian Theatre Association
Backa Theatre / Göteborgs Stadsteater
Cantieri Meticci
Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
Le Channel Scène Nationale
Motus Terrae
Powszechny Theatre
Théâtre de Liège
Tjeter Vizion Ngo
University of Bologna

Theatre and ‘politicality’: Reflections

The International Conference “Theatre Between Politics and Policies: New Challenges”, which took place in Belgrade between 23rd and 25th March 2018, highlighted the multidimensional role of theatre within society. Our researchers were there.
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The Sound
of ZimmerFrei

About urban myths, the sound as a creative representation, and the desire to understand each other. An interview with ZimmerFrei.
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Talking about "Les Sans"

Interview with Pierre Etienne, a well-known artist and cultural animator in Liège, who came to present to the students taking part in the Atlas of Transitions workshops a show entitled “Les Sans” at Théâtre de Liège.
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The WALL book

Walls are ambivalent objects: they protect, divide, defend, and separate. From 'The WALL book', con-fine edizioni
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Interview with Loup Blaster

Loup Blaster, Louise, talks to Le Channel scène nationale de Calais about 'AL HURRIYA الحریة - Freedom - Liberté', her animated short film about the life of migrants in Calais.
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Portrayal of Eleusis, Greece

Words for Eleusis. Modern Greek: Elefsina, Ελευσίνα. Ancient Greek: Eleusis, Ἐλευσίς.
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We are all sunflowers

Interview with Xhuljano Brisku. Graduated at the Tirana Art Academy, Xhuljano, as a ‘Sunflower’ assistant production director, shares his impressions and feelings about the public’s reception of the representations that took place in December 2017 in the city of Elbasan and in Cërrik, in the district of Elbasan, Albania.
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Portrayal of Cërrik, Albania

Those who return must face great challenges to reintegrate within society as well as into the economic life of the country. Usually, the returnees exhibit identity issues as they do not really know where they belong to and often feel they are at the crossroads, between staying and leaving again.
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Portrayal of Via Libia Bologna, Italy

When we asked Abraham to show us an important place from his personal map of the city, he had no doubts: "The bridge of Via Libia", answered - "Actually, under the bridge of Via Libia".
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Backa Teater, Premise

Even the younger migrants left their homes, their families and friends, with the hope of finding a future in Europe. We thus want to tell a tale of hope and accomplishment and empower them while focusing on their experiences, as they are masters of their fate, in the face of the obstacles they met to achieve a new life in Sweden.
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Yakub and other stories

In October 2014 Yakub, together with Cantieri Meticci, took part in the first edition of Sabìr, the festival about culture and citizenship in the Mediterranean region. There, he told us the story of his journey towards Italy, a ‘story in the frame’, which has then become the monologue of this video-interview.
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