Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg City Theatre, the oldest city theatre in Sweden, has the mission to inspire, generate debate, entertain, and provoke reflection. The theatre’s venue structure allows the staging of three performances simultaneously and the two main stages feature a mixture of classic and contemporary repertoire, from Sweden and abroad. Backa Teater started its activity in 1978 as an independent offshoot of the Gothenburg City Theatre, today located in a converted metal bolt factory on the island of Hisingen.

Backa Teater  has produced and achieved its success through newly written plays as well as classical works for children, youngsters, and adults. It has been honored with several awards, nationally and internationally, for its pioneering way of making and performing theatre. Today, Backa Teater is one of Sweden’s most important theatres, where the combination of artistic courage and high quality craftsmanship set the standard for its always well-acclaimed performances, which tour in Europe and abroad.

Backa Theatre